High-quality Phosphatidyl Serine Manufacturers



The packaging and storage of phosphatidyl serine are crucial for maintaining its quality and stability.

Phosphatidyl serine is typically packaged in aluminum foil bags or cardboard drums. Aluminum foil bags offer excellent sealing and moisture resistance, effectively preventing phosphatidyl serine from coming into contact with air and moisture. Cardboard drums provide additional physical protection, preventing crushing or damage during transportation and storage.

Depending on product requirements and supplier specifications,phosphatidyl serine is usually packaged in 1kg aluminum foil bags or 25kg cardboard drums. This packaging design facilitates transportation and allows customers to use the product according to their actual needs. The packaging should clearly label the product name, specifications, production date, shelf life, manufacturer, and other information for easy identification and traceability.

Phosphatidyl serine should be stored in a low-temperature environment, typically at -20°C (-4°F) or lower. Low temperatures help slow molecular motion, reducing the rate of oxidation and degradation, thereby extending the product's shelf life. It should be stored in a sealed container to prevent air, moisture, or other contaminants from entering, helping to maintain freshness and quality. Avoid direct sunlight or strong light exposure, as UV rays and light may adversely affect its stability. The storage area should be kept at low light intensity.

The storage environment for phosphatidyl serine should be dry to prevent the product from absorbing moisture, clumping, or becoming damp, as humid conditions can degrade product quality. Temperature fluctuations should be avoided because they may cause condensation inside the container, accelerating degradation. Use temperature monitoring equipment to regularly check the storage area's temperature, ensuring it remains within the appropriate range.

Avoid storing phosphatidyl serine near harmful chemicals, oxidizers, or contaminants to prevent pollution or oxidation. If oxidation prevention is necessary, inert gases (such as nitrogen or argon) can be used to create an inert atmosphere, reducing the impact of oxygen on oxidation. Strictly follow the storage instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer to ensure product quality.

By following the above packaging and storage recommendations, you can ensure that phosphatidyl serine maintains its quality and stability, extending its shelf life so that it can fully exert its functions and benefits when used.