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Phosphatidylserine Powder Price



To ensure that phosphatidylserine powder remains dry and avoids deterioration, the following are key storage conditions and steps:

1.Temperature Control:

Phosphatidylserine should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from heating equipment, stoves, and direct sunlight.

Maintain a stable temperature to avoid temperature fluctuations, as fluctuations may cause condensation inside the container and accelerate degradation.

Use temperature monitoring devices, such as thermometers or temperature recorders, to regularly check the storage area's temperature and ensure it stays within the appropriate range.

2.Humidity Control:

The storage area must remain dry to prevent the product from absorbing moisture, clumping, or becoming damp, as humid conditions can lead to a decline in product quality.

Store phosphatidylserine in sealed containers away from damp areas, ensuring the seals are intact to prevent moisture ingress.

If the packaging is damaged or incomplete, it should be replaced immediately with new sealed containers.

3.Avoid Contact with Harmful Chemicals:

Prevent phosphatidylserine from coming into contact with harmful chemicals, oxidizing agents, or contaminants to avoid product contamination or oxidation.

4.Avoid Freezing:

Phosphatidylserine should not be frozen, as freezing may cause crystallization or deterioration.

5.Regular Inspections:

Regularly check the quality of phosphatidylserine, including its color, smell, and appearance, to ensure it has not been adversely affected by high temperatures or humid environments.

6.Packaging and Storage Containers:

Choose appropriate packaging and storage containers that provide good sealing and moisture resistance.

Storage containers should be easy to clean and disinfect to reduce the risk of contamination.

By following these storage conditions and steps, you can effectively keep phosphatidylserine powder dry and prevent it from deteriorating.